<Creativity is the connection which has no boundaries>

Our mission is to use creativity as a connection. The most valuable thing in the world is the connection, without it, people would be careless, disrespectful, unthoughtful. By knowing the others, the culture, the people, not only knowing but also seeing, talking, touching, using all the senses to understand, we could be so much closer to each other. This is the most profound moment that different people are sharing the time. inspiring each other and feeling the connection. Creativity is the one efficient tool for it, that represents different type of art, music, paintings, food, language, the culture itself. We are ARTnSHELTER, who aims to connect creative people and being an international creative hub here in Tokyo for our first step.


私たちARTnSHELTERはAnalog Design Lab合同会社のもと、アーティストをサポートする場として運営しています。アートインレジデンスを行うだけでなく、様々な形でアーティストをサポートすることに重きを置き、利用者全員が有意義な体験をできるよう、様々な表現者が集うハブになることを目指し、ここ東京で第一歩となる実験的なプロジェクトARTnSHELTERを運営しています。

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    < Our business >

    Art management, exhibition planing, design, accommodation management, international business planing.

    < Exhibitions >

    CampBasel 2017 in Switzerland, The Others Art Fair in Turin 2017, Hybrid Art fair Madrid 2018, Harbour Art Fair in Hong Kong 2018.

    < Collaborates >

    Ebury Bridge, a-space gallery, X event, D’luv, Pileuplife, Harley-Davidson Japan, 公益財団法人 画像情報教育振興協会(CG-ARTS)

    < Media >

    Tokyo Art Beat, Timeout Tokyo, MdN Design Interactive, CNET Japan, Share Ticket