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Anastasia MELIKHOVA (Russia)



– 略歴 –
ロシア生まれ。2016年にウラル国立美術大学を卒業。在学中は『Among the black waves』(第20回文化メディア芸術祭アニメーション部門優秀賞/2016/監督:Anna Budanova)、『Kupava』(2015/監督:Oksana Cherkasova)など様々なプロジェクトに参加。2017年に初の短編アニメーション作品『The First Thunder』(第21回文化メディア芸術祭アニメーション部門新人賞受賞)を制作。

– Biography –
Born in Russia. In 2016 Melikhova graduated from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. During her study, she worked on various projects such as “Among the black waves”(20th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award / 2016 / directed by Anna Budanova), “Kupava”(2015 / directed by Oksana Cherkasova) and etc. In 2017, she made the first professional film called “The First Thunder (21st Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division New Face Award).”

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