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Faizan Riedinger

Faizan Riedinger

Faizan Riedinger (Pakistan)

ファイザン レディナー(パキスタン)

– 略歴 –
ファイザン レディナー、1988年、パキスタン生まれ。ビジュアルアーティスト、音楽家。アーティストの多い家系に育った彼は、自然のなかにある連続的なパターン、フラクタルや対称性と書体に影響を受け制作活動する。

2012年から本格的にアーティストとして活動を開始、作品を販売し続け2016年初のグループ展『Alter ego』(Faraar gallery in Karachi, Pakistan.)に出展。その後2年間、制作技術向上の為活動を休止。2018年にグループ展『Symbiosis』(Art chowk in Karachi, Pakistan)に出展、その翌月『The contingent nature of art』(Full circle gallery in Karachi, Pakistan)にも出展。その他にも『The Red bull curates Canvas cooler』2019年に出展している。

– Biography –
Faizan Riedinger was born in 1988 in Karachi. He is a self-taught artist and musician. He was raised in a family of artists and art enthusiasts. His current work is deeply influenced by the repetition of endless varieties of natural patterns, fractals, symmetry and scriptures.

Faizan started his art career in 2012 and kept himself busy with commissioned work and private sales. In 2016 he took part in his first group show titled “Alter ego” at Faraar gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. Taking two years off he focused on developing his style and technique. In 2018 he had a two person group show at Art chowk in Karachi, Pakistan titled “Symbiosis”.The following month he was part of another group show titled: “The contingent nature of art” at Full circle gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. Faizan was also part of group show titled “The Red bull curates Canvas cooler” January 2019.

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