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『SAKOKU 鎖国』展で展示される大きなキャンパスに描かれた油画は、作家が感じる日本を集めたポートレート展です。日常生活の一瞬を切り取り描かれたそのポートレートの数々は、他国の文化から政治的にも物理的にも離れた島国日本の、独自の文化と発展を表現しています。






【General information】

Presenting large-scale oil portraits of human condition, this exhibition considers how a ‘closed’ political and psychological isolation can insight development and in turn sustain.

Parallels are reflected within everyday practice and self, living in harmony despite expanding ideologies.

The artist finds this topic to be intuitively relatable in his own personal growth and artistic development.

【Artist’s statement】

Born in Melbourne, 1993, Al Castro specialises in large scale oil portraits of the human form. He studied fine art at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence, yet retains influence from an interest in graffiti from a young age. Al is informed by his interest in the individual subject in their environment: the interactions between the self and the surrounding social and emotional world. Empathetic and curious, his work is an astute exploration of human behaviour.

: @castro_studios