2017 11/21 (Tue)- 11/22 (Web) 15:00-23:00

11月21日から11月22日の二日間に開催されるベンヤミン•ブライトコプフによる写真と映像の展示会は、そのほとんどが彼の未公開作品で、タイトルである不安定な対比をテーマに写真作品を魅せています。また同時に映像小説作品のonce you have no horse, then you do not know the wayも上映されます。

オープニングでは ブラジルの詩人兼歌手であるCursed Corndogのサポートの元、パフォーマンスも予定されています。

Breitkopf got the spontaneous possibility to exhibit in ARTnSHELTER. He decides to show a new arrangement out of his archive. “Uncomfortable couples“ is a photography exhibition financed by ARTnSHELTER and will last for two days.

Most the work is so far unpublished and new arranged in couples. Also a documentation of the cinematic essay “once you have no horse, then you do not know the way“ will be projected.

Breitkopf is together with his college Trond Ansten the grand price winner of “canon cosmos of new photography“, their work is shown in Tokyo photographic art museum until November 19th 2017.


On the opening night the brasilian poet and singer “Cursed Corndog“ will support the event. Her words reflect the state of our zeitgeist as well as an imagined future where utopia is a possibility.

Artist statement:

Benjamin Breitkopf is working as a director of photography in moving and still images. After working as a light technician in theater he became a trained media technician in state television. These days he studies Media Art at the artschool of the ZKM Karlsruhe. A focus of his work in film is questioning the truth of images, news and media in relation to the recipients in time. With photography he formulates szenarios and stages in unafected daily street situations.



静と動を扱う写真監督のベンヤミン•ブライトコプフ は舞台照明技師の経歴を経て国営テレビのメディアテクニシャンとしても活動し近年、カールスルーエ・アート・アンド・メディア・センターでメディアアートを学ぶ。映像または画像における真実性を鑑賞者に問いかける彼の作風は 日常風景にストリー性を入れたものになっている。