Workshop on 2017 10/12 (Thursday)

The shifting colours of withering leaves tell us that Autumn has arrived. At the same time, the inner centre of the tree is filled with sap bestowing a sacredness to its life force. In the eternal cycle of nature, Autumn stands for both abundance, death and decay. It is a time when nature slows down and prepares for a period of rest and stillness. If we pay close attention, we can feel the transition of the seasons within our own bodies too.

In the Tree Ceremony, experience designers Maya Merhi,  Vilma Luostarinen & Mamiko Yamazaki invite you to participate in a ritual where poetry is exchanged for the sap of a sacred tree. During the event, a Tree of Poems will grow, forming a collective exploration of the feelings, aesthetics, flavours and patterns of Autumn.

Artist’s name  Vilma Luostarinen


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Vilma Luostarinen is a Swedish researcher and experience designer based in London. She is interested in food, senses, materiality and human-nature relationships. Before studying at Central Saint Martins, Vilma co-founded an experiential studio for curation in Sweden, where she developed a number of multidisciplinary and immersive projects. She is currently dividing her time between self-initiated projects and freelance work, most recently for Bompas & Parr. She has received a research grant to travel to Japan in September-October 2017 to study local food and hospitality culture.


Artist’s name  Maya Merhi


Maya Merhi is a visual designer and a human geographer based in Beirut. She is driven by an inherent curiosity about the richness of situational experiences, and approaches projects with an emphasis on visual and material experimentation to create poetic experiences, showing particular interest in the relationship between people and places. Currently working on independent projects in the MENA region, specifically in Beirut and Dubai. Her most recent works have been featured and exhibited in: Mois de la Francophonie ‘17 by Institut Français Du Liban – highlighting entrepreneurs and startups

in the region.


Artist’s name  Mamiko Yamazaki


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Mamiko Yamazaki is an enthusiastic and curious cross- media communication designer from Japan with special interests in visual communication, cultural contexts, and social engagement. Since graduating from Tama Art University, Japan, in 2005, she has worked as a Graphic Design Director and a Marketing Strategist in both Japan and the UK. Her skill sets are applicable to both cultural and commercial projects, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams.



場所: 東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 ARTnSHELTER

電話番号: 03-3765-2288