2018/11/10 ~ 2018/11/25 3pm ~ 11pm

【General information】

A machine can be given an appearance of life by diverse means. The eyes are very important to humans and their mechanisms of perception and recognition, as the organs of attentiveness, reaction and communication. For a human, it is very easy to calculate the angle between the directions the eyes look in, in order to find out in which direction another human, another animal, or more abstract, a camera looks. Apart from that, small movements and sounds of the body, like breathing or heartbeat, are perceptible and allow us to unconsciously distinguish the animate from the inanimate. Other important factors are inconspicuous body movements and a non-industrial-norm look.

[Niki Passath]


【Artist’s statement】

Niki Passath searches in his artistic creations answers to the mystery of life, the people, their emotions, social behavior, their behavior compared to machines and to the surrounding nature. On this adventurous journey in search for know- ledge he touches different disciplines. From robotics to artificial intelligence, from quantum physics to the life sciences. On different research travels through Europe to the Americas, Africa and Australia he is finding answers, which he assembles in kinetic objects, photographs and artistic-scientific configurations.

He expresses himself using different materials, technologies and media and is always looking for new challenges in form and content. He works in different artistic media and cooperates in scientific research projects.

Niki Passath was born 1977 in Graz, Austria. In 1988, he began with Violoncello studies, in 1995 with Architecture and graduated in 2004 in Digital Art (Peter Weibel, Karel Dudesek, Tom Fürstner) at the University of Applied Arts. He lives and works in Vienna and Graz, Austria.

Niki Passath is represented by the Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels in Vienna, Austria, is member of the Künstlerhaus, Vienna and member of the Artist Collective „Schaumbad“ in Graz, Austria.