2018/11/3 Opening from 7pm

【General information】

ARTnSHELTER will have an opening of new collection artwork from 2018 November 3rd. The artwork is done by MADUCHINO. His lighting sculpture is placed in ARTnSHELTER basement.

Reception party: 2018 November 3rd 7pm ~ 11pm

【Artist’s statement】

I am interested in mechanics and emotion. I am curious about them both as moving dynamic concepts in limited space. Kinematics, or the process of motion, fascinates me in the way that it can evoke or be used to trigger an emotion.

I strive to evoke familiarity and visceral thoughts through the movement of my pieces. I use visual complexity of geometric shapes which are the byproduct of the movement that I am trying to achieve. The kinematics of the work is limited by cranks, levers and vertical movements, creating a multiplexity of layers and giving the illusion of intricate geometric configurations.

My practice begins by my emotional response, feelings of happiness, frustration, confusion, anxiousness etc. And then, through the impulsive action of creating and construction, a shift begins and I become lost in the muscle memory of a creative process that is reflective in the repetitive motion of my pieces. Each construction’s motion lets me experience the feeling I had the moment I created the object. Though the movement I create is specific to my own familiarity, I aim to engage viewers to have their own emotional experience through personal interaction. Metal and emotions are both malleable. Each one is constantly evolving and reacting in its limited space.  Because emotions are able to transform so easily I want to capture them through my work.

Website: https://www.maduchinostudios.com/#kinetics


Analog Design Lab合同会社が有するギャラリーARTnSHELTER(東京都品川区東大井1-19-10)は2018年11月3日からアメリカからのアーティスト、MADUCHINOによる作品『???』を展示します。