2017 9/1 (fri)- 9/17 (sun) 15:00-23:00


On View 2017 9/1 (fri)- 9/17 (sun) 15:00-23:00

Admission free

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The painter Hoshi performs live painting during August 14th  to September 10th (7:00-17:00) while he has temporarily returned from Berlin. He will also have an artist talk and special screening. (Admission free/ No reservation needed)

   This project called “Dougyou-san-nin” was launched by painter Satoshi Hoshi and artist Futoyu Masaharu in 2015. This project is based on an idea of Pilgrimage in which Hoshi traveled around eighty eight  temples in Shikoku and painted each ones for 42days with 1400km. Futoyu accompanied with him, documenting and filming Hoshi all along the way. Thus, two art projects are coinciding within his journey.

     Generally, pilgrimage should be done alone, so then Kukai (Buddist monk) will stay by a pilgrim; “Dougyo-ni-nin” (Going with a person). This project takes over the idea and reinterprets as “Dougyo- san-nin”(Going with three people).

     Because they brought a new definition of “Dougyo-ni-nin”, which is potentially off from the historical meaning of the word, some are unsupportive towards them while others are more accepting. The unpredictable results and reactive process influence the artists and the project in depth.




We are pleased to announce that we are having a show “Dogyo-san-nin” by Satoshi Hoshi and Masaharu Futoyu.

They are showing each works based on their pilgrimage journey in Shikoku. Sometimes they interact each other both in a good or bad way, and that evokes their work richer. Hoshi is a Berlin based painting artist, and Futoyu is a Japan based *****

What do you think the common question over the journey of pilgrimage that the two artists with two different approaches reached? Please experience the journey they have had, and feel the question through this exhibition.

Satoshi Hoshi

is a Berlin based painter whose work is made

Solo show:

Group show:
Self-curated show:

Masaharu Futoyu


Donation requests

We are asking donation for this exhibition until August 31st.

Artists Hoshi and Futoyu provide a reward for backers.

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