2018/10/20(Sat)〜2018/11/4(Sun) 15:00~23:00

20181020()2018114() 15:00~23:00

レセプションパーティー 20181027() 19:00~23:00

同時上映Shoji: Artists Moving Image Screening 2018年10月27日(土) 


都市構成自体を一つの生物的な循環システムとして捉えることにより、建築物とそれに付随するインフラの関係性を蒸気、音、液体などの流れに置き換えて表現した今回の展示会は、タイトルであるVENTING (換気)のアイディアを都市の呼吸、発声として見立てています。それにより東京という街が如何に機能的また能動的であるかを再認識するためのプロジェクトです。

このプロジェクトは、Creative Scotland、Live Borders、Dumfries&Galloway Councilの資金提供とCreative Scotland, Live Borders and Dumfries & Galloway Councilの支援を受けて開催されます。

【General information】

2018/10/20(Sat)2018/11/4(Sun) 15:00~23:00

Opening Reception  2018/10/27(Sat) 19:00~23:00

Shoji: Artists Moving Image Screening: 2018/10/27(Sat) [all day] *

Taking influence from highly functional systems within the Tokyo metropolis VENTING addresses areas of universality within urban settings, whether in form, such as ventilation systems and contemporary architectural styles, or materials such as the ubiquitous use of stainless steel, concrete, glass and plastics. In contrast, the works on show also feature many references to the specificity of Japan and Japanese culture, acknowledging its unique traditions and gestures through sculptural takes on traditional, archetypal Japanese designs in combination with everyday objects.

VENTING employs a fictitious narrative to suggest interconnectivity between buildings and their data infrastructures; using the analogy of ventilation as a biological process of respiration, vocalisation or a circulatory system; manifesting as channelled air, vapours, sounds and liquids within the works. Touching on other communicative aspects within the landscape of Tokyo, such as advertising and information handling, the exhibition appropriates integrated digital displays, hypermediated imagery and strategic design to reveal urban environments as persuasive beings.

This project has been supported by the South of Scotland Visual Artist and Craft Makers Award, funded by Creative Scotland, Live Borders and Dumfries & Galloway Council.


ダンカン・ハード(1995年生まれ、スコットランド出身)は 立体作品やインスタレーションを行うアーティストです。彼のアプローチは主に電化製品などを含む日常的なオブジェクトを元に構成された彫刻作品で、レディーメイドのアイディアに基づいて制作されています。


Instagram: @duncanherd

Web: cargocollective.com/duncanherd

【Artist’s statement】

Duncan Herd (b.1995, Scotland) is an artist working primarily in sculpture and installation. Duncan’s approach is centred around referential contemporary assemblage —typically involving assisted readymades, printed matter, found objects and collected materials— together with processes of conceptual activation which often include electrical or digital counterparts. Considerate of post-internet praxis Duncan references digital space within physical works to initiate dialogues within the parallels of digital and non-digital space. Interested in the notion of public space and amenities, his work critiques spatial strategies; utilising them in exaggerated forms or through abstracted realities with attention towards sculptural placement and scale.

Duncan is also the founding director of Hold Residency, a curated platform for artist interviews, exhibition promotions and digital projects. [Additional] Duncan is a recent BA(Hons) graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee.

Instagram: @duncanherd

Web: cargocollective.com/duncanherd