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ARTnSHELTER offers space for artists who want to have an exhibition in our space. There are several ways that we can collaborate. Please read carefully all the conditions and send us your idea. We will review your application and respond at our soonest convenience.

Design Lab

Our design lab houses a 3D printer, laser cutter, plotter, CNC and other useful equipment. Whether a beginner or a professional artist, our facility provides everything you need to harness your creativity and bring your ideas to fruition.

Apply your idea

We currently have open calls for exhibitions. You can submit a proposal based on a solo idea or group exhibition. We have multiple tools you can utilize to support your exhibition, including projectors, movable partitions, display screens and more. We try to keep the gallery space open and accessible to artists. To see more information download the zip file from the link here.

ARTnSHELTER 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo Japan

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