Nice and cosy area, still has a good access to everywhere in Tokyo and entire Japan.

ARTnSHELTER is located in between Haneda Airport and midtown of Tokyo. There is a huge hub station just 4 stops away from our nearest station, where you can take JR line, bullet trains and so on, called Shinagawa. This location could be your travel hub.


The nearest station is Samezu station is in between Shinagawa station and Haneda airport. If you wish to take JR line then Oimachi station is also walkable distance from ARTnSHELTER. We do recommend to use one of IC card to travel around the city, so everywhere in Tokyo is with in more less 30 min distance from ARTnSHELTER.

From Samezu Station

ARTnSHELTER 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo Japan

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